Friday, September 18, 2009


The Project 1239 Sivuch small missile air cushion ship is primary intended for coast defense operations. Two ships in service now.

The new Russian missile carrying hovercraft is meant to carry out missile attacks on ships. It is the largest military hovercraft unmatched anywhere in the world. With the displacement of 1000 tons, the craft has a cruising speed of 100 kilometers an hour. It is armed with 8 Mosquito missiles which can strike targets on the sea and on land. The hovercraft has 20 anti-aircraft missiles, an artillery complex, a machine-gun and an interference creating device. The hovercraft has an aluminium hull. Though it's a light craft, its seaworthiness is very high. The hovercraft can be on an autonomous voyage for 10 days. One refueling is enough for 2,500 miles. The complement is 68 men.

As the chairman of the state commission overseeing the tests, the first deputy commander of the Russian Baltic Fleet, Vice-Admiral Alexander Brazhnik, says the hovercraft showed excellent performance in stormy conditions and carried out the first missile launches and artillery fire practice.

Source: Black Sea Fleet

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